Jhandi Munda King Game

Jhandi Munda is a popular dice game that is moving from the streets of India to the online space. Players place bets on a specific symbol in Jhandi Munda original. You can win if the selected symbol appears on most of the dice.

The goal of the Jhandi Munda game online is for the gamer to correctly predict the symbol. The winning amount depends on the number of cubes with the desired image. Your bet is increased by the number of dice showing the desired picture.

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The Best Casinos To Play Jhandi Munda In India

jhandi munda game

You can play Jhandi Munda online real money in India. The slot is available on the websites of the following online casinos:

  • 4RaBet;
  • BilBet;
  • MostBet.

These are time-tested Internet portals. Each casino pleases new customers with generous rewards. Welcome bonus details are listed in the table below.

Online CasinoWelcome Bonus
4RaBetNew customers from India receive a generous promotion. The casino is giving away 90,000 Indian rupees for the first few deposits. Players receive a 700% bonus on the total amount deposited in the game balance.
BilBetThe casino generously encourages new players. You will receive 108 free spins after successful registration and replenishment of the game balance.
MostBetA popular online casino in India welcomes new players. You will receive 250 free spins and INR 34,500 for your first deposit.

Each of the above-mentioned online casinos offers customers to play Lucky Jhandi Munda. You can run the slot in demo mode and for real bets.

Jhandi Munda Game Rules

jhandi munda king

The Jhandi Munda game uses six six-sided dice. Each face has an individual and unique image:

  • Pick;
  • Clubs;
  • Rhombus;
  • Heart;
  • Crown;
  • Flag.

Jhandi Munda does not use additional equipment. You need a board and six dice.

All participants in the game make bets. They choose a specific symbol that they think should win. The dealer rolls six dice after betting. This action will determine the winner.

Jhandi Munda online is characterized by simple rules. It is difficult to find a slot with simpler gameplay conditions. You have one goal – to guess which face of the cube will be a priority.

The basic rules of the Jhandi Munda game are as follows:

  • Each participant in the game places a bet on one of the six dice symbols.
  • The winner will be the player who guesses the most symbols.
  • The dealer will call off the bet if the predicted symbol does not appear.
  • You will receive a win, equal to the number of dropped symbols.
  • The maximum win is x6 of the bet.

Example: You placed a bet on Diamond. Four dice with this value fell out after the dealer rolled. You will receive a win of four times your original bet.

As you can see, the rules of Real Jhandi Munda are simple. Therefore, some gamers call the Jhandi Munda slot «a child’s game».

Tips And Tricks On The Jhandi Munda Game In India

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The Jhandi Munda game is based on a random number generator. You get transparent and fair gameplay. There are different strategies to increase the chance of winning. Here are the popular strategies:

  • Know the game;
  • Know the options;
  • Don’t play by patterns;
  • Use solid money management.

Let’s look at each Jhandi Munda win trick in more detail.

Know The Game

It’s not just a strategy. This is an important rule for any game. You must carefully study all the features of the gameplay before starting. You can not risk personal funds without understanding the features of the gameplay.

Know Your Options

This is an essential strategy. You must explore all betting options. This will help you manage the game correctly, and understand every gameplay step. There are different versions of the Jhandi Munda game. Make sure you know the rules of the slot.

Don’t Play By Patterns

Avoid playing with patterns. This is the winning Jhandi Munda formula. Check out the latest game results. The slot shows the results of the previous hundred rolls. You will be able to understand which symbol has won most often. This allows you to build the right bet. The slot can have hot and cold symbols. The analysis of previous rounds will allow you to study the probability of a particular image falling out.

Use Solid Money Management

The Jhandi Munda winner is often determined using this strategy. You define the bankroll before the start of the gameplay. A bankroll is the amount that a player can afford to lose and cannot be exceeded. The definition of a bankroll allows players not to lose large sums during the gameplay and not to drown in excitement.

Payouts In Jhandi Munda

The Jhandi Munda slot machine has an above-average payout ratio. The RTP is 97.4%. Most online casinos offer progressive payouts.

The essence of the progressive feature is that the casino returns the player’s bet even if one dies when the selected symbol falls out. As for the total payments, they look like this:

  • One symbol out of six possible brings x1 of the bet.
  • Two symbols out of six possible bring x2 of the bet.
  • Three out of six possible symbols bring x3 of the bet.
  • Four out of six possible symbols bring x4 of the bet.
  • Five out of six possible symbols bring x5 of the bet.
  • Six out of six possible symbols bring x6 of the bet.

The amount of winnings in the Jhandi Munda national slot depends on luck. Analyze past rounds and bet on hot symbols.

Types Of Games In Jhandi Munda

There are several game options. The general rules of each variation are similar. Players may observe some differences. Common gameplay options include:

  • Jhandi Munda Original. This is a standard game where the symbols drop randomly. You can bet on any of the six symbols and receive a winnings pay table accordingly.
  • Jhandi Munda King. Jhandi Munda King early access has the same betting rules as the previous option. But in this case, players are offered a fixed payout in case they win. The number of dropped characters does not matter.
  • Jhandi Munda PRO. This version is similar to the original version, but the rules have somewhat changed. You can see the difference in payouts.

Explore different versions of the game Jhandi Munda and choose the most suitable option for yourself.

How Much Can I Win At Jhandi Munda In India?

jhandi munda original

Players from India can play the Jhandi Munda online cash game. The rules of the slot are simple. You can quickly get used to the gameplay and receive generous winnings. The slot pays players. It has high return rates. The reward amount in the Jhandi Munda cash game depends on the player’s luck, careful analysis, and responsible approach to the gameplay.

Jhandi Munda Game Reviews From Real Players In India

Below you can find Jhandi Munda reviews from real players.

  • Ajit: I love playing the Jhandi Munda slot. Most of all I like the original version. The game has simple rules and pays well.
  • Gopal: I’ve been playing the Jhandi Munda slot for a few months now. I’m using a strategy. It helps me to win often.
  • Amar: Jhandi Munda is a simple game. I’ve been playing this slot for a long time. I really like the gameplay dynamics and generous payouts.
  • Devraj: Jhandi Munda is a fun game. I spend a lot of time playing this slot and regularly receive generous winnings.
  • Inderjet: I recommend the Jhandi Munda slot. I often run this online game. I like the small number of rules and clear game conditions.

How To Start Playing Jhandi Munda?

You can start playing Jhandi Munda for real bets as follows:

  1. Choose one of the above casinos (4RaBet, BilBet, and MostBet).
  2. Create an account on the online casino site.
  3. Top up your game balance and get a welcome bonus.
  4. In the search bar of the casino, enter the name of the slot for a quick search.
  5. Make a bet and start the slot.
  6. Wait for the results of the first round.

Playing Jhandi Munda is very simple. You will be able to get comfortable within 2-3 rounds.

Questions & Answers

Is Jhandi Munda real or fake?

This is a real game. It honestly pays the players. You don’t have to wait to win.

Where is Jhandi Munda from?

In Nepal, the game is called «Langur Burja». In the UK the game is called «Crown and Anchor». The Jhandi Munda slot has its origins in India. The game originated in the 18th century.

Is Jhandi Munda legal in India?

The game is legal. However, you should be careful when choosing an online casino. Give preference only to trusted and legal Internet portals.

Are there bonus games in Jhandi Munda?

There is no bonus round in the Jhandi Munda slot. Players are offered free spins, special symbols, and a multiplier.

Can I play Jhandi Munda from my phone?

Yes, you ccan launch the slot through the mobile version of the online casino. The second option is the Jhandi Munda app.